Getting to know Jack: our in-house wordsmith

Jack Greenwell
Jack Greenwell
13th July 2022

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Sure. Well, I’m Jack (you know that already), and I’m the new copywriter at Article Ten. I grew up in the Midlands, I was born in the Northeast, and I’ve lived in London for the past six years, so I’ve been all over the place!


How did you get to the point you’re at today with Article Ten?

Well, I studied Graphic Design at university but transitioned into copywriting virtually as soon as I moved to London. I’ve always loved writing and used it as a different creative outlet for student magazines, small fiction competitions and the like. I was in my first job after university when the penny finally dropped, and I started pursuing writing professionally with the help of some great companies and talented people — plus a lot of moonlighting as a freelancer!


What would you say is a key attribute you bring to the team?

I’d say I can look at any writing challenge objectively and recognise the pain points clients experience straightaway. I’ll explore all avenues to find the most suitable solution for them — without bringing too much of my personal taste into the decision-making process. When collaborating with the guys, I’m pretty calm and collected, which I hope puts everyone at ease too!


What do you like to do outside work, and does that influence your writing?

Quite a few things! I’m a big arts and music fan, so I frequently go to live shows and events — even dabbling in making music a little bit over the past few years. Just having other things that spark my imagination keeps my mind full of fresh ideas and helps me avoid burnout from just solely focussing on writing.


How is Article Ten life treating you so far?

Honestly, it’s been excellent! I’ve felt very welcome from the day I started and being in a small studio team, everyone has their own integral role, which I enjoy. The work is very satisfying, and we have a great group of people here.


Finally, what advice would you give to people looking to move into a creative role like yours?

I think the important thing for me was to ask for experience, insight, or advice from those around me. The knowledge my peers (and seniors) have given me over the years has proved invaluable. Also, to just put yourself out there. Taking the first step into freelancing or any new role feels unusual and a bit scary at the time, but it’s worth it!

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