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Perhaps you’re looking for a completely new brand or want to redefine and refresh what you already have. Whatever your specific needs, we can imagine and reimagine accordingly, doing everything from designing a new logo to establishing and rolling out an entirely new brand identity.

Our process starts with understanding


We don’t like to jump in and simply make whatever’s already there look good; we like to get to know you and your business to understand what you need and why. This thoughtful approach to branding helps to define exactly how we can help and propose the best solution.

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Then we define and create


Our multidisciplinary creative team can then get to work on your visual language and tone of voice; from selecting the perfect typeface and colour palette to articulately expressing your brand values or mission statement. Our in-house video and animation specialists can also get involved if desired to take your branding project to the next level. And when it comes to rolling out collateral, we can do it all in-house, be it for PowerPoint, print, digital or beyond.

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branding mockup

All your branding needs covered, in-house

With an in-house team of creative talent – including animators, designers, writers and illustrators – we can do everything from establishing a compelling new brand to spectacularly bringing it to life across format and platform.


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